Variation Polana

Why ‘Polana?

‘Polana ‘ is the first Polish raspberry variety allowing for on this year’s. Plants are characterized by strong growth, shoots grow up to 1.5. Fruit medium sized, tapering intensely red glossy, very tasty. Fruit ripening starts at the beginning of August and lasts until the first frost. Variation a little sensitive to dieback of shoots and little sensitive to rotting fruit. ‘Polana ‘ in comparison to the variety ‘Polka ‘ is a variation of plenniejszą, it is better to abolish the stresowa conditions (low temperatures in winter, low temperatures in spring) and this is more reliable in yielding. Observations from recent years indicate that the ‘Polana ‘ is a variation of the tolerant on viral diseases, including the virus woman dwarfism raspberries RBDV, as well as in the negligible extent is porażana by rust raspberries. The sheep it is easy to collect by hand, you can also successfully collect automatically. They are eagerly purchased by the processing industry, both for the production of frozen food as well as concentrates. All of this makes the ‘Polana ‘ is worthy of recommending a variety for the production of the fruit.

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