Seedlings with potential

The traditional system the establishment of plantations of raspberry, inherently provides a starting set of fruit in the second year of cultivation. Taking advantage of the young seedlings and providing them with good conditions for growth (irrigation, fertilization), it is possible to harvest the fruit already in the same year. Plants are capable of producing a fully grown shoots that will give the fruit a few months after planting. She was convinced that Dr. Paul tailor, who runs her own farm, where Besides standard production implements a wide variety of experience.


fotki_3Dr. Paul tailor, is an employee of the University in Lublin, also runs its own farm specializing in the production of fruit raspberries. Plug seedlings of raspberries are the solution to many of the existing problems, even with low availability of certified planting raspberries in national schools. The production technology of this type of planting material, gives the possibility of full control of the health of the plants, as well as eliminate the factors conducive to the shock by pathogens, especially those of the genus Phytophtora infestans, which are proliferating on national raspberry plantations in production at this year's shoots. The availability of this type of cuttings during May-June, allows you to establish plantations in the optimal time, the well nagrzaną the soil and in the period when frost danger passes. From own observations, I know that this type of crop planted even quite late, take very well. Such plants are not damaged root systems and are able to juwenilnym, which promotes their rapid growth. Of course, assuming you have such material from the plantation to the possibility of its irrigation and fertilizing along with fertygacją. Observations from last season indicate that plantations of varieties of fruiting on this year's established with seedlings of doniczkowanych even in June, provide an opportunity to obtain a good harvest in the normal or only days delayed time relative to normally run plantation. The size of the possible to derive the yield will of course depend on the density of what you follow. Personally, I track the industrial raspberries plantations 3.5 m between rows, row and concentration may be subject to the availability of plants and 30-50 cm. The higher the density of plants in a row, the higher the possible to obtain commercial yield in the first year. It is worth so I benefit from the availability of such material on the Polish market.